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Whether you have a corporate event, business luncheon, or a public forum, you need to have a interpretation service you can count on. That’s where Graham Interpreting Services comes in. Our team is highly trained and certified to assist you with a variety of interpretation needs and provides quality service and a professional atmosphere.

Our company provides you with a vast array of services for all your language needs. Take a look at how our team can best help you with your upcoming event or on a regular basis.

Multiple Languages

You may not be aware of this but there are actually three separate sign languages. Our company has interpreters in all three. These include the standard American Sign Language (ASL), Pidgin Signed English (PSE), and Signed Exact English (SEE). Each of these vary from the next but the ASL is the most recognized and governed of the three. Of the three languages, this is also the only one that has a written form.

The other two are variations and we have interpreters who are well versed in all three options. They can cover your event with confidence and help your attendees feel comfortable that they know what is taking place.

Service in the Workplace

When it comes to providing an equal opportunity workplace, that can mean you need interpretation services. Here at Graham, we provide you with workplace interpretation on a daily, weekly, or as needed basis. Our certified personnel make sure your workplace is following all legal guidelines by providing services for every situation for the hearing impaired. We can provide you with a variety of services such as:

All of these help to make your workplace better and ensure you’re following all the necessary steps to ensuring a fair work environment.

Medical, Educational, Nonprofits

Graham Interpretation Services provides you with the necessary tools for all of your events and business endeavors. We assist you with being ADA compliant at your medical office or health care facility. Our team is also certified to assist in the classroom to make sure your students have what they need to succeed. Whether you’re in a conference, business meeting, or nonprofit event, our certified team is here to help you make the most of your event.

Call our office today to see just how our highly trained and professional team can assist you. Don’t be caught without the interpretation services you need, and in some cases are required to have. Let our certified and experienced team help you make the most of your event.

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