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It’s more than just signing. Graham is a partner

Like any other modern business, Graham looks for ways to be more than just a provider. We look to be a partner with Washington D.C. individuals and organizations of all kinds, offering to consult to help meet their needs today and in the future. Providing Sign Language Services or an interpreter at an event is just one of many things we do. To be an organization that helps other organizations solve problems, you have to offer services AND show your Washington partners how you can help them with what it is they do. Graham is such a partner.  It is an in depth, robust organization providing a number of services beyond just American Sign Language Interpretation to the D.C., Montgomery, and Prince George Counties. Graham specializes in helping you assess what you need and then offering COMPLETE services for those needs.

A Professional Needs Assessment

Graham’s goal is to assess your needs properly and make sure you know what is available to you here in town. So many people and organizations miss out because they simply do not know the full gamut of what can be provided by a company like Graham. Once your needs are assessed, Graham supplies a level of technical offerings you may not find anywhere else including things like:

Training and Consulting: The Graham Difference

In today’s multicultural legal crazy world it is important to meet the needs of different types of people in a lot of different situations. In the workplace and schools it might not be enough to just supply interpreters. Graham also offers training and consulting to get you or your organization to a level where you can meet special needs.

Your Place Or Ours

Graham can offer training sessions on your site, or in our professional offices. Whether you are located in Dupont Circle, Adams Morgan, or Capitol Hill, our goal is to work within the parameters of your schedule and organizational needs. Graham  is truly a partner looking to make sure you are prepared or ready with the proper level of support.

As Long As You Need Us To Be

Sessions can be all day. Sessions can take as little as an hour. We can work with you on specific projects such as a new hire who has special hearing needs. We can also work as an ongoing trainer for your organization as well. Graham’s goal is to be flexible. Here is a recap of some of the different consulting options we offer:

Contact us and let us show you what we can do for you!

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