Contractor Policies

Contractor must submit invoice via email to OR via fax to 888-587-1420, within 90 days of assignment completion in order to be compensated. Contractor will be paid via check mailed directly from Graham’s bank. Checks are released within 30 days of invoice receipt.

Payment for services will be made in accordance with the agreed rate. Contractor is entitled to be paid for scheduled time unless he/she is tardy, in which case Contractor will document the actual time of report. Contractor may bill two hours for service requests up to two hours in length if Contractor arrived on time.

Contractor will make every effort to contact Graham if the assignment is likely to exceed the original scheduled time. If Contractor is not able to reach Graham, the Contractor may leave the assignment as scheduled, or risk not being compensated for the additional time unless Company is authorized to invoice Client for the extension. If extension is approved, contractor will bill to the nearest quarter hour.

Contractor will not bill and will not be paid for services that are cancelled more than 48 calendar hours prior to scheduled assignment.

Contractor may only be released from an assignment by a Graham representative or by the Client Point of Contact listed on their assignment confirmation.

For events that are open to the public, Contractor is required to stay for the duration of the assignment.

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