Grahams FAQ

Why do I need an interpreter? Can’t the deaf person just read my lips? Or can’t we just write back and forth?

When do I need an interpreter?

If the deaf individual didn’t ask for an interpreter do I still need one?

What is the ADA and what are its requirements?

What type of interpreter should I request?

Who is responsible to pay for an interpreter for a deaf individual? Rates/charges (travel? and by when)?

What if I cancel my request?

How do I schedule an interpreter?

Service Request Form

What is a team interpreter and when is it appropriate to schedule two interpreters?

What is a CDI and when do I need one?

Why am I being asked to provide copies of materials for the interpreter?

How do I know I can trust the interpreter?/ How do I know the interpreting session will remain confidential?

How do I know the interpreter is qualified? I won’t know if they’re doing a good job or not.

Does everyone use ASL? Are there different types of sign language?

Why use an agency instead of a freelance interpreter directly?

Where can I go to learn sign language?

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